Moving forwards with new ideas

It was fantastic to see our partners again on 28th July 2020 as we came together for a project meeting. Campuses are all still either closed or restricted and we are currently sharing best practice on how data can be collected using alternative means.

Colleagues in Indonesia had managed to run an Appreciate Inquiry event online. Whilst this was challenging in some respects, it also generated some interesting debate and findings around inclusive education and inclusive campuses.

Dr. Ied Veda Sitepu (Acting Vice President for Student Affairs, Law and Co-operation), Dr. Lisa Gracia Kailola (Faculty of Education), and Mr. Dikky Antonius (College of Engineering), shared the outcomes of the event and presented a way in which others may be able to collect their data where events at physical locations may still be unsafe.

This was a great opportunity for how barriers related to face to face research, events and meetings could be overcome, and provided food for thought for us all.

Dr. Ied is currently putting together a report on the findings which will feed into the final project report and webinar.